Welcome to TSL Systems Consulting web page

Since 1988 TSL Systems Consulting has provided the best in support for computers and computer networks for Seattle and the surrounding area. Our customers range from a single computer user up to businesses with 160+ employees and hundreds of computers and servers in different offices. Our customers have included attorneys, retail stores, manufacturers, architects, engineers, medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, hair dressers, and all sorts of professional organizations.

We've been helping businesses with their information technology related needs for 30 years. While we could fill dozens of pages with details about our technical skills and experiences, in summary we specialize in providing great service and work to help you get the most from your office computing equipment.

We see some customers once or twice a year and for others we manage their computing and network needs. Whether you are looking for occasional assistance or someone to manage your computing related resources we can help.

Solving simple or complex problems is one of specialties! Helping you avoid problems is our best ongoing achievement. We specialize in support for Windows based systems for notebooks, pads, workstations and servers. We also specialize in supporting most editions of Microsoft Exchange server and have been supporting Exchange systems since Exchange 4.0 back in 1996.

Over the years we've helped over 300 businesses around Seattle with the computing and network needs. Some of our customers have been with us for well over 20 years!

We work with all types of hardware and software and can help you get great values on equipment.

Contact us by phone at: 206-763-8874 or by email at: assistance@tsl-systems.com